Thursday, August 7, 2008

welcome to the marais. too bad you can't stay, FOREVER -

the marais is perhaps the friendliest of all the arrondisements in paris.
why even the sidewalks are polite:

so on our last day, tim and i fueled up early, and walked the oldest area of the city,
where style and culture clash and re-form on a daily basis:

every where we turned, people were greeting us,
or smiling,
or, at times,
kissing us:

we returned to the places des vosges,
where the chocolatier in chicago got their name inspiration,
were i have drawn inspiration for settings,
where we have purchased winter coats and eaten frites:

it has hidden courtyards OFF it's own courtyard.
so perfect.
so "home".

even modernity gets it's due in the marais:

and i "prayed" a little at the temple of l'eclaireur . . .

'cause you gotta bring back souvenirs!


designerman said...

whatcha get me @ l'eclaireu?

Iheartfashion said...

Mmmmmm...the Places des Vosges. I looked at the most amazing apartment there once, but unfortunately it was not to be (mine).
What'd that egg set you back...about $15?

landis smithers said...

heart - why yes. it was a 15 dollar egg. but it was french.

and i hear you on the apartment. sigh.