Monday, February 2, 2009

the 6 chicest things about january -

in no particular order,
what sparked my plugs this month:
the absolutely insane margiela gray suede boots at oki-ni
tom porter's fish eye lomography pictures
(makes me homesick for chicago, even though i never took the train.  because someone spit on my friend audrey's foot once when she was getting on, and that pretty much sealed it for me.  that's why.)
the "hyundai" outside barney's in beverley hills.
(the owner took his bentley and "adapted" it.  THIS is a sense of humor.  THIS is the right way to approach recession chic.  and yes, i'm talking to you, vogue.)
celebrities earning the right to be style icons.
(and looks like some of them got my memo about gray.)
the illustrations of sebastic
who is starting his own line of men's high luxe undergarments.
it's a little jean cocteau, a little tom of finland.

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