Thursday, February 5, 2009

DOUX CHEZ NOUS : the living room

look at us.
finally reupholstering the living room furniture.
like real grown-up people.
a reminder of WHY we might want to do such a thing:
mmm hmmm.
notice, well, EVERY corner of the chair?
let's let avec lead us to the new room, shall we?
that's right, downstairs.
love this shot.
good girl.  now go play.
daddy has a tour to give.
and fix me a french 75.  up.
let's see.
paul mccobb wingbacks we collected ten  years ago,
then never did anything with and gradually degraded to threadbare
"are you guys doing ok"
status whenever people came over?
redone in new grasscloth meets raw silk fabric:
daybed from chicago,
with killer bronze base
and severely unfortunate plaid seventies fabric
that, though artfully covered with a kuba cloth,
fooled NO ONE?
gray/green leather, kidlets:
mccobb stools,
sadly, no longer in brown (baby poo) naugahyde?
silver ponyskin.  i say no more.
that only took a decade, give or take.
now we can have people over and not try to artfully drape anything
a' la christo.
i like this growing up thing.


Sara said...

I love it! What a welcoming living room.

Michael said...

I held off as long as I could. It was silver ponyskin that finally tipped me over into a swoon.

Iheartfashion said...

I am completely in love with your place. Esp. that pale leather daybed.

editor said...

grey/green THAT is good.

Jim said...

Silver. Pony. Skin.

Oh lord, I need to change my panties.