Friday, February 6, 2009

copyright infringement makes me mad, particularly when it's MY idea -

tim and i joke
that we should never share anything with anyone.
we'll find something,
and then bam,
two months later,
it's on some list as "best of the new".
and someone makes a fortune.
it's happened often enough that while we all in some ways have this feeling,
it's creeped us out over time.
while at old navy,
i got to use it quite a bit,
finding musicians i loved and helping launch them
by giving them a bit of a boost in our commercials.
but this is one step too far:
i bet you'll take it.
right out from under our poor sweet harmless avec,
who had the name first,
and never expected to be slurred by CB2
and compared to a "tufted back" and "slubby lines".
i mean, look at her when she heard the news:
i think this calls for a settlement check,
perhaps six figures,
and some form of puppy rehab spa package.
if any of you know the bigwigs at crate and barrel,
could you kindly pass this along and tell them she's waiting to hear back.


☼ ♥ Dog Mom ♥ ☼ said...

She does have long slim lines, and gun metal stiletto legs at least! Poor girl, I don't know that 6 figures is enough.

Brooksie said...

As a recovering Crate employee I have to tell you its a cult and I wouldn't be surprised if they are stalking you. Its like Scientology.

Carrie D said...

As a matter of fact I DO know some bigwigs there. Wonder if they'd get a kick out of it? I'm not remembering very pronounced senses of humor over there when it comes to the brand or design... I do believe I'll refrain from forwarding this gem.

Much love & recovery to avec, though.