Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DOUX CHEZ NOUS : the office space

is anyone surprised this book inspired our home?
once the walls were painted, 
we set about creating the nest.
i'm a cancer/leo, 
born under a full moon.
moody?  yes.
 but it also means "home" is a very 
very important thing to me. 
especially as i now do the majority of my work
from my home office:
the desk was my favorite part.
inspired by nakashima,
we bought a slab of claro walnut off ebay,
drove to "africa" for the tung oil treatment and finishing pads,
sanded and oiled the damn thing,
ordered the steel base custom from room & board,
and voila:
add some books and inspiration pieces,
and some able assistants,
and i am now good to go forth and create:

grr has a new favorite perch.
and i have a real space to create from.


justme said...

that walnut is a-mazing. beautiful. i would be working from home too if it looked like that

Iheartfashion said...

SO gorgeous.