Tuesday, January 22, 2008

an eddie, an ashley, an estella, a vita, a maria -

it takes a village. one comprised of four girls and a boy.
they make all the clothes fit, fine, and ready for prime time.

eddie shacknow, whose eye and taste are flawless. and who knows how to step in and strip off the one piece that's bothering me/add the one piece that's needed. i can't wait for you to see what he's done with our spring clothing. i mean, come on. look at this boy:

ashley furnival, our assistant stylist, ever chic. she is the girl who can throw on three pieces of lingerie, a headband, some shorts and motorcycle boots and somehow (god only knows how) it works. good for us:

maria echols, whose lead seamstress wizardry is otherworldly. trained in couture techniques, she applies them to our value clothing . . . and a hem is no longer a hem.

little estella castillo, our mistress of ceremony, orchestration, and style, seems to somehow keep us all on track, up to date, and in just the perfect pair of lanvins to set off a high waisted short. don't ask me how. it must be her latina flower magic.

and vita gavrylyuk, our other mistress of the seam and thimble. i have seen her turn dresses into confections. and her borscht is amazing.

they keep kids like these, looking their best:

but i can't figure out why every time i turn around,

they are lying down on the job:


TravelGretta said...

With that Subject Line I thought "Omigod - Landis learned Italian!"

Effortlessly Average said...

You know, that's got to be the only guy I've ever seen who can pull off the shorts, vest, black socks look. I'm lucky if I can pull off any look whatsoever, except perhaps "boring." That look seems to come natural to me. heh.

Anonymous said...

Ash needs a tan :)