Wednesday, January 23, 2008

scenes from an argentine shoot pt. 3-

the trials of an argentine shoot . . .

NOT adopting another pit bull puppy off the shoot. again.

debating the value of hats over sunglasses with sara ruba:

freaking out when your producer ends up being not only hollow boned,
but part simian:

learning the finer points of argentine juice making:

learning to take it all in and be thankful:


Effortlessly Average said...

"...debating the value of hats over sunglasses with sara ruba..."

Or how about the value of the look on your faces? Personally, and it's just me of course, I can't stop looking at hers. heh.

Alice Olive said...

Oh, but the first photo of you is so cute! How could you resist that little face?

pistols at dawn said...

Nice pictures, all. What I like about the last one is that you look very pensive, like you're debating some deep philosophical issue. When I make that face, I'm usually just thinking, "How many pieces of bacon have I eaten this week?"

TravelGretta said...

I love that hat ALMOST as much as I love the dogs!