Thursday, January 24, 2008

scenes from an argentine shoot pt. 4 -

so, here we were, waiting between shots. there was very little wait between shots time.
it was constant constant amazing "go" time. these breaths were rare:

ashley and eddie waiting to dash in between takes:

me, sara, kira, betania, before the basilica, day four:

oooh. andreas, the hot art department guy. eye candy is important.

darius teaching me how to drive. er, light. er. whatever.

oh yes. taking walks with kira. for advice. for solutions. these were critical, too.

as critical as connie's ability to step in and :

at JUST the perfect moment, every time.


enc said...

You have a great life.

moi said...

I love that you adore your work, and that through your photos and words it is presented not as a chore, but as a worthwhile adventure. With puppies and colorful alcoholic beverages!

underneath said...

The man with the curled hair is a stunner!

Michael said...

Is it rude to mention that I wanna sniff Eddie?

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Great pics. It's cool to see places I recognize now that I've been there.

And I've got to say... your job looks/sounds/must me amazing.