Sunday, January 20, 2008

scenes from an argentine shoot pt.2 -

"you mean i'm supposed to eat the WHOLE thing? you've got to be kidding me."

i believe that was kira's quote. when "the 800" hit the table:

turns out we needed the protein for the next day, when we shut down diagonal norte,
the main thoroughfare in buenos aires. and we were just one of four productions down here that did it this week:

eddie, richard, ashley, estella. you know, just hangin around.

looks like rita and paul finally put their differences behind them and decided they COULD make nice. (no, really. they are rock stars. rock. stars.)

there was pondering:

there were solutions. even those hand framey things:

and for seven days, lots of exhaustion, lots of late nights and running around, and lots of this:

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Effortlessly Average said...

So why do they call it "the 800?" Because that's what you're cholesterol is after you eat it?

Ha! I'm cracking myself up over here! hehehehehe