Saturday, January 26, 2008

wrap party, b.a. style -

what better way to blow off seven days worth of steam
than dinner for fourteen at sucre.

ok, look. i literally leaned on darius. and here i am, literally . . . you get it:

eddie is soooo attentive:

i think richard and sara had finally cracked:

ah, sweet benjamin. who took photos of us for all the behind the scenes stuff. AND kept us laughing the whole way:

jeff and silla from the editorial crew. they had the first cut done the DAY AFTER the shoot!

don't ask how she scaled the wall. just don't.

my girls. without them? nada.

1 comment:

Alix said...

god you're job looks like so much FUN!!! i mean, the hard work must be grueling yet gratifying, but seriously, i have fallen in love with all your coworkers. :D

i envy you your surrounding human environment. :)