Friday, October 26, 2007

beijing nights -

the nightlife in this city carries on the cinematic theme we've been seeing here.
the restaurants are all decadent and severely decorated,
the clubs are loud and dark and sexy,
and the crowd. . . it just won't stop.

first up: the whampoa club.

private clubs are all the rage here, you gotta know someone or be invited by that someone to even get in the door. let's say. . . we know a few someones this time around.

you should know these two by now:

kimmi and silvia:

this picture is horrid, but you had to see the HORSE LAMP. shayne, ring any bells?

the glass floored courtyard . . . dining room below . . .

and oh yeah. the juicy couture launch party. at the new LAN club, designed by mr. starck.

kimmi. damn that girl can strike a pose:

what can i say? the parties are good here . . .

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