Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i know, bad headline.

so we made it to macao in one piece. and here's the thing.

unbeknownst to me, i had already been to macao. two weeks earlier.

you see, my friends, macao is the new VEGAS OF THE EAST.
i'm not kidding. they are building it like their lives depend on it, and we actually went to the venetian. same casino. four times larger. technically the largest covered space on the planet. and the most profitable casino in the world. and just one of many slated to open. . . by tomorrow. that's how it is around here.

you can't imagine, however, the deja-what-the-fuck tim and i went through. did everyone speak mandarin? pretty much. were we the only white people for nine miles? more or less. we don't count the random spice girl imitators on the main stage. was it vegas, but on steroids? hells yeah.

and YES, todd and evelyn, that is the same damn statue we took todd's pic in front of.

(silvia, richard, me, and joanne ooie, the fabulous cd of shanghai tang.
we kind of have a crush on her.)

as richard said in his text when his meeting was over:

get me the hell out of this place.

i hear you, baby.

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