Thursday, October 25, 2007

the causeway bay effect -

Look, ma! we took public transportation!
(some of you will get that this is not a common occurence for the landis.)

the great thing about the trains? clean. cleancleanclean. they even seal the platform off from the rails with a wall of glass. with sliding doors. so you know JUST where the train will stop. it was one part logan's run, one part "why they hell can't we figure this out in the states?"

then the stations? all this amazing candy colored explosion:

we went over to causeway bay, the new "young designer/hip" neighborhood to explore. what's so amazing about this place is that they can't wait to do anything. why redo a whole building when you can put a luxury mall in the base, polish it up, and then leave the tenement above it. . . as is:

see? again, gorgeous storefront. . . jagged concrete lip . . .

tenement building.

and, we MIGHT have gotten there a little too early, so we wandered through Victoria park, which is kind of like central park, only without the whole olmstead design thing, and with a LOT more tai chi. and bamboo.

it is also sweltering in hong kong. well, sweltering-ish. not the late october you might have thought, more houston in march. who knew?

grabbed some food at the very chic, very hidden on the second floor with not much signage, agnes b cafe:

tim loved the "garcons" bathroom.
the proceeded to shop our way around the little developing district. great high/low experience

to recap:
causeway bay. up and coming design district. major clash of new and old.
but still a mansion or two to be found.


Anonymous said...

In Denmark, we have the same thing in the metro.
I guess it's because it's rather new

ashley said...

proud and befuddled to see the Landis on public transport (something I know a little too well). It does make this american scratch her head in wonder over why her subways can't have the same gleaming effect! maybe we are just still too boys were definitely in the land of the future!