Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a helicopter, the south china sea, and me -

on monday, we joined richard and the chandelier gang on a helicopter trip to macao.

why macao?
because there was a helicopter trip over the south china sea to get there.

keep up, people.

we took off from the waterfront of hong kong, and the ride was amazing.

granted, richard is not the calmest of fliers, so he was a LITTLE nervous,

the scope of both the building going on in HK,
but also the building already done around here,
is staggering.

they say a thirty story building gets added to the hong kong skyline every SIXTEEN DAYS.

and macao. . . that's a whole 'nother post, babies.


glamour girly said...

Wow, every 16 DAYS for a new 30-story building - that's crazy wild.

I LOVE the Old Navy ad campaigns, especially the sweater commercial. You rock.

TravelGretta said...

Um, okay. So, while I have been running around Eastern Europe, drinking as much hot chocolate as I can, you've been diligently internationally blogging.
My mom was all "well LANDIS is posting on HIS BLOG. From CHINA."

ashley said...

the look on richard's terrified face is priceless! I am dying at the beauty...