Monday, October 22, 2007

reasons i'm never leaving hong kong: #3

dateline: hong kong.

tim has been picking out pieces for me left and right, and i tell you the shopping here is simply better than any city we've ever seen. let's say i'm doing it as part of "research" for my job, shall we? after all, it IS international retail.

we nearly drowned in joyce, and lane crawford does kind of put the u s of a to shame.
but still, i'm being careful. ish.
yes, those are stuffed peacocks in joyce:

there is that ric owens piece still hangin around, but there has been a pair of fiendish khakis with metal woven side stripes, and a polished white prada shirt that have followed me home. they promise to behave. i'm not holding my breath, though. there are still these sweater knit sleeves waiting for me as well at another abode.

it has been blissful here for tim and i.
very high end retreat, not at all pastoral, and we LOVE it that way.
(i have never been a boy who gets the whole "hiking" thing. or the "dirt" thing.)
it is dining and lounging on terraces and shopping and sleeping in ever so late. i love that.

(i also love the chance to use the phrase "ever so late",
because it reminds me of mary poppins,
which i saw seven times as a child while flying back and forth between london and new york.)

me on the first night, having found prada:

in the dressing room of the retail god, martin margiela. his flagship here is beyond fun, from dripping paint to stacked carved carpet to mug shots in the dressing rooms:

i had to thank him for all the inspiration. it was the right thing to do:

for those of you wondering, YES, you can get boucheron pave diamond bulldog rings here:

or, jade turtles emerging from gold shells. . . in cufflink form:

supposedly the most expensive real estate in hong kong. . . is a billboard. and gucci owns it for ten years.

ok, back to "work".
we're going to the china club tonight to eat with the cd of shanghai tang. fun!


Alice Olive said...

Great post!

I love the "very high end retreat, not at all pastoral" - completely agree with you on that!

Iheartfashion said...

Lucky, lucky you! I have a friend who worked at Joyce...wish I was there.