Thursday, October 25, 2007

come with me to the china club -

ok, this one was pretty special.
we were invited my joanne ooi, the creative director of shanghai tang to eat at the china club, a private space on the top of the bank of china building downtown. it was great to be able to spend a bit more time with the chic (though slighly frazzled from her latest shoot in madrid) joanne, but a real treat to see such an amazing place.

the club itself was designed by mr. tang himself, and has one of the largest collections of contemporary chinese art, mixed in with enough twenties glamour to keep a boy buzzing for weeks with visions of nick, nora, and all of "in the mood for love" mixed up in one bubbling champagne coupe.

blossom and joanne, our hostess:

well, you know these two characters:

the insanely smooth and lovely silvia, who has been making this stay a bit of a dream for tim and i, and that other one. . . richard, i think they call him:

then, richard led us up two floors, and down all these corridors. . .

to the roof bar. which makes the roof of the gramercy park in new york look kind of bland. could be the limestone terrace and banquette seating:

could be the devastating night views of downtown hong kong:

seriously, don't you want to go back with us? come on, let's get a group and just crash!


Anonymous said...

Sign me up for the group trip. I'm so jealous!

Tatyana said...

I'm in!!!

Tatyana said...

I'm in!