Thursday, October 25, 2007

pour la editrice -

my other "bliend",
"the editor",
commented on my shiny shoes recently.

here they are in better detail. neil barrett for puma.
i wanted something to stand out as i traveled through china.

i think they do:

incidentally, tim also packed his silver pumas.

which i didn't notice until we were out in causeway bay and the fashion walks,
BOTH in silver shoes.

we caused a slight stir.
good in the trendier boutiques.
priceless on the crowded streets where we were the only americans.

and the only silver shod people, period.


editor said...

your shoes are fan-expletive-tastic!
i am torn between loving the pictures and hating my covetous feelings. you wear them very well... expletive.

editor said...

i came back to admire them again.
i could have left quietly without anyone knowing.

Iheartfashion said...

I had a pair of silver Nikes eons ago...I still miss them. BTW, you look great together in your coordinated silver shoes!

ashley said...

It's the tin-men! Babe- I will have to sport my silver nike's next time we all meet up so we can blind all of the passersby whilst gliding down the streets. Sunglasses anyone?!