Wednesday, December 12, 2007

airport alert : level yellow

i know, i KNOW, this is the second day of no pictures on the post.

i'll get to it, breathe.

i'm sitting in the airport lounge getting ready to begin the never-ending flight
(19 hours combined)
to sao paulo.

did i not mention i'm going to sao paulo? really?

i'm casting there for a few days, then off to buenos aires to location scout.

for the spring tv campaign, that's why. god, you're nosy today.

it's a big new venture, i'll fill you in on the details as i go along, but we're trying something really different this time around. all kinds of fun newness.

i'll tell you in due time, breathe. you ARE jumpy today, aren't you?

so, hence no pics today. scroll down and read my nice quotes that none of you deigned to comment on yesterday. enlighten thyself. i'm just saying. or stare at the masthead, it's cute and new.

there's a ton of pics and stories about argentina comin your way over the next month and a half, cause that's where i'll be living on this production . . . while tim moves the pups and our stuff to the new abode, and launches his two HUGE tech projects he officially sold through this morning (just got iphoned about the wins) involving all kinds of tech stuff that essentially feels like 101101111001011 to me.

we be busy. workin on change.

now if only there was some hottie in the lounge for eye candy on this flight to dulles. . .


The Ambiguous Blob said...

I hardly ever post pics. It's too much damn work when what I really wanna do is write without worry. Ya know? Yeah, you know.

The Guv'ner said...

Now, I happen to know there is eye candy...

Suze said...

Don't you need an assistant for all these great trips? Just think - I could find all the eye candy and just plain old chocolate candy for us to enjoy while we country hop? What do you say?

CCC said...

wow, so you'll be away? For x-mas?
:::tear drop:::
but a fab new home awaits you when you get back! good news!
Your trip sounds terribly exciting. ;)

Grant Miller said...

Pasa un buen rato en Sao Paulo!

TravelGretta said...

Oh you MUST scout around La Boca in Buenos Aires. It is soooooo colorful and fun.

And have as much dulce de leche stuff as you can. Go to Freddo for ice cream.

editor said...

did you say month and a half? holy ((bleep)).
man oh man. but you'll be blogging, right?
well wow. okay... wow.
have you ever been there before?

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm so glad to be off the road - but I never got to go anywhere nifty except maybe Toronto and Calgary.

The only candy in airports that revs me up is Cinnabon.

moi said...

On the one hand: I am so glad I'm not languishing in some airport during the holidays, wishing for the kind of diversion that five bazillion crap magazines have thus far failed to provide.

On the other: reading about your grand adventure of a life makes me really, really happy.

123Valerie said...

I took exactly two hours of a Portuguese class one semester, and all I know how to do is pronounce Sao Paulo correctly.

Most valuable two hours of my life. Traveling mercies and stuff.

Whiskeymarie said...

Your life makes me want to change careers. I would be a really good mistress to someone tremendously wealthy.
Is that technically a career?
Oh yeah, it's called a hooker. Silly me.

Looking forward to pics form your jealousy-inspiring trip.