Sunday, December 9, 2007

trading down(size) and moving out(side) -

apparently, recent posts have tipped some of you to changes we've been working on here in the left coast life. this is to let you know, change (while something i actively loathe, though force myself to embrace) is under way, and it's coming with hidden surprises. which are good.

we're leaving the place on the hill.
which comes with mixed emotions, a whole landis grab bag of "but, then, oh, and if only's".
the place was huge, not just by san fran standards, and had killer views.
this was "impressive" to everyone who visited,
but i was never really there,
we never entertained (a sin compared to our chicago life),
and tim and i lived in just two rooms (neither of which HAD the forementioned views).

(and yes, the two rooms WERE the television room and the dressing room. big surprise.)

(and, small detail, the condo president hated our dogs.
and was pursuing legal action against them.
true story. hilarious.).

SO, we're moving to a smaller place, down the hill, in the valley.
downsizing literally, to figure out our next steps in life (sf? china? narnia?)
so we've spent the past few weeks inventory-ing our home
(what to keep, what to store, what to get rid of. kind of like that page in BAZAAR, only back when liz tilberis was alive and editing, and the magazine was chic and linda evangelista cradled the logo in her hand on the cover, and you cared what they said about what to keep/store/trash),
calling movers, picking new paint colors.

it's honestly been a little hard for me.
i'm all about my home
(blame the full moon in my cusp. true story. hilarious)
and i hate shaking it up.

but then two things happened.

we were walking the dogs PAST the place,
hadn't closed on the deal yet, and grr whips to the right,
and virtually drags tim up the stairs . . . of the place she'd never seen,
and that we weren't sure we were even going to get.

when she reached the door, she just turned and looked over her shoulder at us.

spooked us both.

then, once all the papers were signed and we were set in our decision,
we took them over while we were figuring out what goes where.
and i looked out the window into our new yard,
and saw this:

there are reasons for everything, my friends.
even if we're not ready to see them in the moment.


moi said...

What's the line in that one Soundgarden song? Someone let the dogs out/they'll show you where the truth is.

Lou said...

I read your blog and think, "Wow. This guy has it figured out."

P.S. I also respect anyone who uses astrology to explain themselves. I'm that person who asks your birthday and then says, "Oh you're a [fill in the blank]," and then I nod knowingly. I should probably stop doing that.

I'm a cancer. True story. Hilarious.

Good luck with the move!

CCC said...

hand of destiny. love it! congrats on the new digs. change can be very exciting ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, if a dog likes something you know it has to be good. If two dogs give it the thumbs...paws...up you know it's the right move. I don't envy the packing and moving, but something tells me you're going to like this new place.

TravelGretta said...

Cancers are the best.

They're also overly emotional and weepy.

This post made me a little bit of both.

Until I realized I can now call you a Valley Girl.

TravelGretta said...

P.S. I hate your old condo president.

TravelGretta said...

P.S. I hate your old condo president.

editor said...

what a super sweet backyard.

and yes - dogs know many things.

Sez said...

Sometimes life has things figured out, even when we don't.

Look at those happy tails!

Whiskeymarie said...

I love it when the universe figures out things before we do.

It's even better when they let us in on the secret.

I think this is a good move for y'all.
And, like Gretta, I was also super-excited about you being a totally awesome valley girl.

Carinya said...

I do so miss linda evangelista.

I dislike change perhaps as much as you do. Hang in there, the dogs know some things we don't. Now that I can't imagine where you are any more I am going to have to come & visit again. :) brace yourselves...

The Ambiguous Blob said...

I'll apologize for this beforehand, as I often do... I'm really sorry that this lame-ass response came when I saw the pic:

Who let the dogs out? woof woof woof.

Iheartfashion said...

Wow, big changes are afoot, but look at those happy dogs in that great yard!
I actually like change (well, you know what I mean; not the getting dumped or massive weight gain kind of change, but shaking things up)
We're selling our too big beautiful house too, and trying to figure out where to live and what to be when we grow up. You and Tim are at least a little further along than me...