Thursday, December 13, 2007

the hotel emiliano, sao paulo, brafabulosozil -

another hotel story.

(look if you don't enjoy me rambling on and on about design of hotels i stay in . . . well, scroll down, i'm an interesting person, i'm sure there's SOMETHING here you'll like. there. look to the right. cute puppies. everyone likes puppies. unless you don't have a SOUL.)

where was . . . oh yeah. sao paulo's hotel emiliano. i likey.
first, the room is HUGE.
polar opposite of hong kong's small and chic. this is kinda vast:

and i seriously covet the little marble slab dining table thingy.
i want to take it home and eat/blog on it every day:

'course, i'd have to take the blackened steel and woven rattan stools. else where would i sit?

(turns out this is gisele bundchen's room whenever she comes down "home")

lobby doesn't suck:

nor does the open to the sky orchid terrarium:

big creepy bout to hatch and kill us all alien pod thing

we're enjoying hangin with the locals here:

(ok, betania isn't local.
and sara fisher, get out of that picture of the locals.
you too kira carstensen.
you are ALL ruining my little denoument.)


Inarticulate Fumblings said...

You and I are going to get along JUST FINE!

Ryan and I leave for Argentina tomorrow. We've got an entire separate blog dedicated to our travels, food, and hotels. You're more than welcome to join us.

editor said...

the lobby is lick-a-licious (that means i like it).
thank you for bringing us - i like crawling around your hotel room looking at the stuff up close!!

i am playing outside said...

very beuatiful hotel. but will they wrap up your underwear? let us know.


as i'm writing this, i just saw the rugby spot again. when i think of Old Navy, I will forever think of you. and when i think of The Weepies, I will think of you.

also, I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned this sooner, but I LOVE the announcer's voice in these commercials. DO NOT LOSE HER.

Anonymous said...

Damn pesky friends hogging up the shot.

Stacy said...

Oh I miss you.

Enjoy my friend!

Landis, you're always stylish.

Valley Girl said...

Mmkay, jealous! Can you and your partner adopt me so I can tag along with you on vacays?

TravelGretta said...

You know, I heard Gisele in an interview, and she said "I stay in this hotel that LANDIS actually stays in, when he's in Brazil".