Friday, December 14, 2007

raw fish and caipirinhas are lethal -

tonight, after casting and then spending hours rewriting the spots in my hotel room with sara and richard, kira and sara and i went out to a great sushi restaurant. how do i know it was great?

i took pictures, fools:

PLUS, they served these great drinks. no, it's not out of focus, that's just how the second one looked when it hit the table. trust me on this, it's must be some kind of special brazilian voodoo magic thing.

if you need verification, feel free to ask sara, she had two as well, and seemed perfectly astute as she explained her brazilian wax to me. it made total sense.

and see, here? kira and i both looking perfectly capable of staggering to the car after and having the driver take us "back to that place".

hey. nice scarf. i should wear that more often.

1 comment:

Sez said...

Caipirinhas are so dangerous! It's the sugar. They're like lolly water!

Sushi looks gorgeous!