Friday, December 14, 2007

meat. as big as your arm.

so there's this restaurant in sao paulo called figueroa, for the 150 year old fig tree that grows in the middle of it.

me, fig tree:

fig tree, restaurant:

the family that owns it, the figgersons, or something, i don't really remember, also own estancias where they ranch their own meat. and it's good. real good.

my meat (in a g rated kind of way):

you can also go the route kira and richard went: meat the size of your forearm:

as long as you save room for dessert. why?
because you have to have an excuse to pose in front of a dessert table, for one:

and the desserts are as sick as the meat.

you know how you never think you're going to type a sentence, and then, BAM, there you are saying things like "my meat" and "pose in front of the dessert table"?

yeah, that's the kind of day it's been, my friends. full of unexpected things.


The Guv'ner said...

Good Lord. How do I get to have your life? That dessert table looks FABULOUS.

TGretta's Mom said...

What an amazing place! What amazing food! Now I have to add Brazil to the list of places I need to visit. You and my daughter are definitely opening up the world to me! Now I just need to start a travel fund -- Send TGretta's Mom to --- (fill in the blank)
Hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!

TravelGretta said...

My mom is a nerd. She has no intention of leaving the United States. She's perfectly content to armchair travel.

If I could taste food right now, I'll bet that would all be fantastic!

Whiskeymarie said...

How are there so many hot, fit and attractive people from that part of the world when they eat like THAT?
I would get so fat there that I would be an embarrassment to their patriotism and they would ship me to Arkansas.