Monday, October 15, 2007

gretchen asks. gretchen receives.

never let it be said that i let down a "bliend".
(for those of you unfamiliar with the term, you haven't been reading.
scroll down. keep going. now catch up.)

gretchen asked for pictures of the red patent alligator booties we got evelyn for her birthday while we were in vegas.

you know how when you say something out loud (yes, i know that i am typing, not talking. go with the theatre, people) sometimes it sounds so wildly . . . random? yeah. that was one of those times. probably something to do with the words "booties", "alligator", and "vegas" mixed all together.

where was i?

oh yeah. voila:

ok, that's scarlett johannson in the ad campaign.
and below is from eluxury, for reference:
HERE is evie, laughing.
apparently, at my crotch.

and here are her shoes on their inaugural spin:


TravelGretta said...

But, WTF - ScarJo is not only dating my man, but now wearing my booties?

landis smithers said...

i am so sorry about that. as we say often here "bitch has my life!"

editor said...

wow... those "booties"... wow.