Tuesday, October 16, 2007

viva las fashionistas -

on the last night of the convention, marketing was asked to stage a fashion show of all our holiday merchandise. fun, right? so after sorting through all the details, agreeing to the categories matching up with the holiday television campaign (hence all the marketing, hence the point of the whole thing . . . see? integration. amazing.), we (meaning my design director, todd barket) worked with daniel (caudill, our stylist) on taking it all to a whole new place for old navy. so, we took over the forum plaza:

invited the entire conference, meaning every field employee and every hq employee:

threw a coctail party before. because. we had never done this and a little alcohol goes a long way. and yes. that IS a blue champers kind of thing i'm drinking. and yes. it tasted about as good as it sounds. but after two of them, who cared? not I.

this is just a really cute shot of evie and I. it was before everything went crazy. obviously.

me, some model who took his shirt off as soon as daniel said "take your shirt off for the picture", todd, and daniel. did i mention how much i luv daniel?

todd again, suzanne greening summers (real name. head of visual merchandising. good jewelry on that one.), and the devastatingly handsome timmer:

tim in the plaza under that insanely airbrushed/creepy/it's following me make it stop aaaaaaaa picture of toni braxton:

and as a bonus, we were able to sneak in a preview of the spring line to finish the show. urban safari and desert escape, anyone?

to say the crowd went wild . . . well you know me and understatement. SO good at it.

if you all are really nice, i'll even post some videos of the show.
for now, click below for the full album:

vegas fashion show

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