Sunday, October 14, 2007

viva la vastness -

on the list of things no one warned me about before i went to vegas (it's weird, but you'll like it! the food is great! the people watching is great! you like gambling, right?), the scale of the place was oddly neglected. so, for those of you who haven't gone yet (i know, i know, apparently i was like one of three people who haven't) it's BIG. i mean, they took full advantage of the lack of . . . anything out there, and the BUILT. and then they built some more, and they are still building. so you think, i get it. lots of stuff. no, my friend. these were the pools at caesar's where old navy had their convention. view from my window:

and yes, they are building MORE pools behind. here is the lobby. the tiny little ants are tim and evelyn and james tagliani waiting for me to catch up. i was winded. i had to stop:

this is toni braxton. seven hundred thousand feet tall:

this has nothing to do with scale, per se, it's just evelyn tim me and james in the elevator:

sometimes i don't have anything witty to say. here's one of the like eight hundred casino parts of the shops at the forum. slots. and shopping. kind of made me nauseous. as if there's a question where the money SHOULD be going:

OH. the statues. no one warns you about the statues. first, they are creepy. obviously fake trying to be real creepy. and there are a million of them at caesar's. literally. a million.

this is james in front of the fake david. i have no idea why it keeps posting sideways. it's blogspot's cruel joke:

although technically this isn't a statue, it still made me happy. and reminded me of something else:

this, another famous ass shot:

eventually, like much of las vegas, you just give in:


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Vegas. When I lived out West we'd fly there a couple of times a year. We actually found one place that served breakfast for a quarter. Lots of statues and creamed chipped toast for a quarter. Only in America.

landis smithers said...

see, the longer i'm away from it, the more i get the appeal. while there, however, the patterned carpet, clinking machines, random lights, etc, nearly drove me mad. madder.

i DO love an "only in america" moment, though.

TravelGretta said...

I protested Vegas, until my friend's b-day, when, one night, I went down to the slots, wearing my pajamas and glasses, and won $50 in 15 minutes.

For what it is - I kind of heart Vegas a little.

Meg said...

I'm one of the other 2 people who hasn't been (I don't think passing through on a family camping trip when I was a kid counts)! I sort of want to see the spectacle, but... well, it keeps not making it to the top of my list. Now that you've been, would it make the list of the next 5 places you want to go?

landis smithers said...

ooh, no, meg. not even close to that list. i think it would be:

1. hong kong/beijing (leaving on friday for that!)
2. paris (i miss paris!)
3. new york (i can never be there enough)
4. argentina (i yearn for an estancia)
5) paris. i think i'm gonna end up there eventually.

see? no vegas on the list.