Saturday, October 20, 2007

reasons i'm staying in hong kong forever: #1

the suite life:

upon arriving after a 14 hour flight (thank you ambien) and an interminably long shuttle ride into the city (i had booked a car, but hmmmm. . . no car), we stumbled into the mandarin oriental slightly groggy and more than a little uncertain.

no one, however, warned us about the level of service here. they meet you at the curb, take everything out of your hands, and virtually levitate you from thereon in. it was like the clampetts had rolled in and they were all mildly amused as tim kept trying to take his bags. jennifer at the front desk took our card, welcomed us, then told us she would be checking us in IN our room. after all, checking in in the lobby is so. . . american. apparently.

they had upgraded us to something like the grand high ambassador ruler of the world suite.
at least it sure felt like that. the place just keeps going and going and going. . .

then they sweep in with your luggage, a chocolate confection from the manager to welcome you, a bundle of flowers from chandelier (our agency) that looks like the rain forest decided to decamp on the desk. . .

i'm still wandering around this place. i may just import the dogs and never leave. the room.

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