Tuesday, October 16, 2007

viva la bouchon -

so what's a group to do after staging a two day conference, a fashion show, and answering countless questions from complete strangers? yessiree, head to thomas keller's new restaurant, bouchon. a short (ok, incredibly long) walk down the strip from caesar's to the venetian, and you end up in an incredibly chic (though still oddly fake, not at all like the eerie reality of balthazar in nyc) french bistro.

the food was insane, there was a boudin blanc (a white french sausage that cuts like butter and probably carries nothing but, you know, butter) that i swear called out my name in dulcet tones at one point in the meal, an insane brined chicken with lavender honey, a brown butter apple galette with cardamom ice cream. . . drool. here was where vegas came to life for me. fabulous foods, all within walking distance of each other.

proving that great minds (an appetites) think alike, much of the rest of marketing creative team showed up as well, completely by coincidence. witness the bar scene, replete with ann, brandy, and hoa:

rachel and angela:

shane, nancy and jennifer:

when we finally sat at our table, it didn't take long for the J to start pouring.

it being evelyn's birthday, there was a little celebration layered onto the evening:


Anonymous said...

Flan? No one told me there would be Flan.

Stacy said...

I TOTALLY no what you mean by 'fake.' When you walk into a french bistro, like Balthazar, the smell of butter almost seeps out of the walls.

Not sure if you've spent any time in Toronto but Bistro 990, a Toronto Film Festival hot spot, is our nod to Balthazar. The steak tartar fell from heaven!

landis smithers said...

i HAVE actually done 990, i used to produce up in toronto alot, and the food in the city was always one of the highlights. even that (what was the name?) little french restaurant underground near the four seasons that every tourist goes to, but has such amazing pasta. . .

Stacy said...

Sotto Sotto?