Monday, October 15, 2007

viva la pure -

so the first night we hit vegas, the company took over PURE nightclub. you know pure. the place where brit brit has done some classically random shit. where lindsay was supposed to have her 21st blowout bash before that whole drug "mix-up" thing where she was wearing someone else's pants. perfect venue for the "new" old navy. i actually give them credit for the choice. and there was entertainment:

not that i don't loves me some burlesque pop, but i kind of avoided this room. there was much "dude!" and "DUDE!" going on when i walked through. apparently lingerie and lip synching don't make it out beyond this venue much. ok, who am i kidding? if it were chippendale's i'd have been there in the front row going "BITCH. check out the guns."

i digress.

so we lounged and drank. see tim and todd, lounging:

this was pretty much my reaction to all of vegas:

and this was pretty much how evelyn and james reacted to vegas. they are both in some form of disbelief/denial/glee:

then most of marketing ended up on the roof in the cabanas:

things got blurry later:

you can see it all by clicking here:

vegas pure


TravelGretta said...

I totally heart your outfit - how foxy!!!
And, have you given any thought to changing the name to "New Navy"?

Stacy said...

Ah, Vegas...

Too big and sparkly for me, but for dear ol' mom & dad...

favourite place on earth!?!

landis smithers said...

once or two thousand times. but there's that whole "equity" thing. . . being as literally ninety percent of america knows the "old".

and thanks for the kudos. i'll take foxy any day