Wednesday, October 17, 2007

viva las "last random moments" -

a few closing thoughts:

1) anyone who tries to tell you that vegas is crass and has no taste, tell them "pish tosh. i personally stood beside the "exotic limousines 702 837 2666" cadmium yellow stretch hummer":

2) anyone who tries to tell you that vegas has no subtlety, tell them "fiddlesticks. i have walked through the hush that is the venetian lobby. i have posed beside it's minimalistic tribute fountains":

3) if these same people persist with their whining, simply slip them a picture of you in your new fendi patent peep-toe booties standing on the replica roman mosaic floor. and then see who's all smug about their "taste level":

7) (where am i? oh yeah, 4.) learn that you can discover new things about your friends anywhere you go. like evelyn's part-time job:

5) be prepared to be overwhelmed by the wonder that is las vegas. like when you are walking to dinner and just stumble across the laminated gold-like visages of siegfried and that one that got mauled. and their tiger. perhaps even the one that mauled:

(asian tourist mauled in vegas. film at eleven.)

9) remember that saying "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas"? yeah, not so much. there's all kinds of digital cameras and blogs to prevent that shit from really happening. . .

and god, it can wear a boy out!


editor said...

i have never been to vegas. you almost make it look amusing.

cani said...

you look great. who's the hottie with the glasses?